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Preferred Depot partners with Datos Health

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Datos Health, a global leader in remote care automation.

Datos Health provides clinicians with an open platform for interactive care plan management. The platform goes beyond what rigid, pre-set RPM solutions offer, and merges monitoring and assisted self-care with patient engagement. Clinicians now have the flexibility to quickly and easily deploy remote care plans centered around their unique approach to care. To further customize care plans for patients and clinicians alike, Datos Health is device-agnostic and is already integrated with over 35 monitoring, tracking, and medical devices. They offer a fully turnkey solution that includes device provisioning, done by Preferred Depot and augmented by Datos Health.

The flexible and scalable solution can be used across clinical domains to seamlessly enable a hybrid healthcare delivery model for any acuity level and workflow. With Datos Health’s Open Care platform, clinical workflows are instantly translated into patient CareApps that can collect biometrics and PROs, perform automated self-care guidance when appropriate, send escalation alerts to the care team when necessary, send context-specific educational content and facilitate virtual visits. Datos Health’s Open Care platform features three main components: CareApps, Design Studio, and Care Team Dashboard.

CareApps: Our user-friendly, patient-facing CareApps enable personalized, longitudinal care and focus on delivering optimal patient engagement. Surveys, vitals, and measurement data trigger automated responses and specific patient follow-up actions based on the clinical workflow. Patients receive the care they need when they need it.

Design Studio: Our user-friendly drag & drop interface facilitates quick and easy deployment of any remote care program. Care teams can easily customize one of our turnkey solutions to fit their needs and adjust workflow protocols by matching action items with measurement or engagement data to create automated care pathways.

Care Team Dashboard: Care teams can track vitals measurements, treat symptoms and side effects, and titrate medication virtually with accurate data all on one dashboard. Easily customize views of patient populations, cohorts, and individual patients; determine when you want to receive escalations alerts to improve clinical workflow, automate for efficiency and reduce adverse events.

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