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Technology Industry Outsourcing

Preferred Depot delivers customizable and secure logistics solutions for the high tech, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. We provide white glove service including Logistics, Transportation and Tech-Support for your high value electronics and hardware with the care your company demands. 

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Preferred Depot has developed a highly-specialized logistics solution focused exclusively on the high-tech and medical device industries. We provide dedicated program management for demonstration equipment, finished goods and returns, as well as contract logistics and fulfillment services. 


Handling returned products, or reverse logistics, is another core aspect of Preferred Depot’s wide array of services. When consumers or customers return goods or products to the retailer or manufacturer, they are transported back to our warehouses for unpacking, and are carefully inspected to determine next steps. The returned product is examined to see whether it can go back on the shelf for reselling, is worth repairing if damaged, or if the product fragments can be used for parts salvaging or should be recycled.

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Preferred Depot offers home delivery, final-mile ground and parcel solutions as your most reliable and cost-effective option for e-commerce, heavyweight, oversized and high value goods. 


We work with all the major carriers and provide unbeatable shipping rates to our customers.


When it comes to air freight and ocean logistics, every employee at Preferred Depot has the same goal - to provide outstanding service and competitive pricing. Our experience helps us meet those goals, all year long.

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Tech support

Preferred Depot can set up, deploy and handle your demonstration equipment, finished goods installations and return material authorization logistics.

Our tech support services includes:


  • Depot Service and repair

  • On-Site repair

  • Troubleshooting

  • Finished goods installations

  • Return material authorization (RMA)

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Hardware Calibration

  • Remote assistance

  • Contract manufacturing support

  • Technical and engineering service support

  • Reverse logistics for recalls

  • Evaluation, design and production of crating and packaging

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