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Preferred Depot partners with Via Surgical Ltd.

We are proud to announce our latest collaboration with Via Surgical Ltd., the developers of FasTouchTM the first-of-its-kind suture-like mesh fixation system for hernia repair.

Designed like sutures, but delivered like tacks, FasTouch TM was developed by experienced engineers and renowned surgeons to provide the ultimate light-weight, easily deployable soft-tissue repair system, offering exceptional benefits to both surgeons and patients.

“With the vision to focus on imminent market needs and numerous products already in the pipeline, Via Surgical has the potential to revolutionize the mesh fixation market,” says Preferred Depot CEO, Isaac Elkah. “We are thrilled to welcome Via Surgical to our accelerator and to begin working together to bring the company to new heights.”

Via Surgical was founded in 2012 by Lena and Ofek Levin and Arik Levy, serial entrepreneurs with a lifelong commitment to making hernia repair better with fewer adverse events. Its founders previously led PolyTouch Medical, the developer of an advanced mesh-positioning device, from inception to exit.

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