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We offer global implementation and expertise across many different industry sectors coupled with vital in-country knowledge and service at the local level.

Industry Discription


At Preferred Depot, we specialize in best in class, time-definite logistics and technical solutions for medical device manufacturers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We are widely recognized as supply chain experts in the medical device industry, and are the chosen provider of leading manufacturers from around the globe.


We offer an array of services tailored to specifically suit our retail client base. From vendor consolidation and freight forwarding to e-fulfillment and multi-channel distribution, we provide robust, scalable logistics foundations to power the growth of our clients' retail business.


At Preferred Depot, we deliver secure logistics and technical solutions for the high tech, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. We provide speed to market for your high value electronics and hardware, with the care and white glove service that you demand.

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