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Erik Dowell, CEO & Founder of Aesthetic Management Partners

"Our decision to partner with Preferred Depot was hands-down the best decision we could have made for the company, allowing us to execute our vision in record time. Their expert team works seamlessly with our sales and clinical, offering input and value at every turn. PD is the ultimate launchpad for any entrepreneur seeking a lean, efficient operation."

Erik Dowell, CEO & Founder of Aesthetic Management Partners

Client AMP, Aesthetic Managemen Partners

“Preferred Depot is the Company of choice for strategic outsourcing.  The PD team has exceptional experience, integrity and devoted interest to partnering with emerging companies to suit a variety of customer support needs.  In our case, PD took great effort and steps to make certain that the needs of our customers and Company were being met in an innovative and effective manner.”

Louis Scafuri, CEO and Founder of ZALEA

Bob Wilber, President Zimmr MedizinSystems North America

"We chose PD as a ISO 9001 Certified Service Partner to solve a specific business challenge in the US market – how to best provide high quality service repairs and fast turnaround for several of our products. PD offered a solution that met our needs and with a significantly better ROI than if we hired our own technician. The engineers at PD have been trained and certified in our factory in Germany. Their team is easy to deal with, have an incredible response time, maintain a proper stock of spare parts, provide detailed repair reports and exceed the level of quality service that Zimmer’s customers expect."

Bob Wilber, President Zimmer MedizinSystems North America

Client Zimmer MedizinSystems

"As a new company needing to get established, partnering with Preferred Depot was highly advantageous for us.  With PD’s infrastructure in place for logistics, warehousing, technical and customer support, we were able to concentrate on getting our company well established and our product ready for market.  Isaac and Rachel, and every member of the PD team, treat each of their customer’s business like it’s their own business so they provide the greatest concern and support imaginable.  PD is like an extension of our own company.  Great people and great service."

Bob Anthony, Head of US Operations, Mavrik Dental Systems, Inc.

DL Photo.jpeg

"We first met Preferred Depot based on a word of mouth referral from a trusted business colleague.  Isaac and Rachel are top quality professionals with high integrity who "own" the performance of their team, top to bottom.  Their follow through, creativity and willingness to be flexible with early stage companies (as we are) has been outstanding and we feel our relationship with PD has been a significant contribution to our success. They are true partners, not just service providers."

Daniel A. Ladizinsky MD, CEO SUTUREGARD Medical, Inc

Shy Zyman, CEO of PerfAction Technologies Ltd.

"During our planning and evaluation period for entry to the US market, we have been working closely together with the Preferred Depot team. Isaac, who carries his excellent reputation in our industry, was very helpful and responsive. Although, we haven’t yet executed all of our plans, we received unconditional support both technical and logistical, and we know we have a service provider and a logistic partner we can fully rely on!"

Shy Zyman, CEO of PerfAction Technologies Ltd. 

Client PerfAction Enerjet

"Working with PD is continuously a great experience for our team. PD offers a rare combination of professionalism and home feel in everything they do. It was particularly important for us to work with a closely managed provider where every issue is immediately addressed, and not lost within a large corporate. We want to thank Yesenia Torres, our customer service account manager, for her dedication, thoughtfulness, and ability to apply our company's culture, and Seth Anderson, who runs our logistics and fulfillment channel, for his attitude, professionalism and error-free work."

Rinat Dolev, CEO of
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